Electric Fencing

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Better Fences for people who love horses.

Our first priority is the well being of horses.  For this reason we design and construct fences that are practical but more important, safe for horses.

Why Electric Paddock Fencing?

Most severe injuries to horses happen at rigid fences.   With Electric Paddock Fencing, this risk is minimized as an electric fence is both a physical as well as a psychological barrier.  With a well designed Electric Paddock Fence, there should be no dangerous rigid material that could splinter or break, hard edges, sharp points or thin wires which can cut or injure a horse.

What material or brand?

Enym Enterprises is a re-seller of the best brands of Electric Paddock Fencing and Energizers that are available in South Africa.  From experience, we know what products to combine and in what mix of quantities.  This “mix of the best” ensures that you, the end-user are supplied with the best, cost effective Electric Paddock Fencing material available.

Why buy from Enym Enterprises?

  • We used to keep and breed horses ourselves. Therefore we know the nature of a horse. This experience and knowledge ensures that our designs and installations are safe and practical.
  • Looking for a DIY solution? We specialize in the design and supply for the DIY enthusiast. We will even give advice and instructions so that you can end up with a “professionally installed” fence.
  • We design and supply all types of Electric Paddock Fencing, strip grazing and even Pet Fences.
  • Installations can be done on special request.
  • Our installations are done professional, is neat and presentable. 
  • We only use the best materials and consumable items in our installations.
  • We offer a 6 month warranty on our installations.
  • As we are not bound to a brand, we can offer the best mix of product available.
  • Our Show paddocks and Movable paddocks are easy to install, durable and practical.
  • We take pride in our work and our are focussed on long term business relationships. For this reason we have a lot of repeat business from existing clients.